Claire L Shaw is a UK based singer-songwriter. With ties to Shropshire, The East and West Midlands, Potteries, South West and Wales her reflective and honest lyrical style and quirky melodies brings music to life in a uniquely beautiful way.
“I literally came up from nothing, I loved music, I loved to write and I loved to sing, from busking on the streets of UK towns and cities to gigs at venues and festivals, I’m truly grateful for every opportunity I get to live my passion.”
Claire’s Americana style voice with undertones of soul and British folk intertwines perfectly with simple melodies and percussion from the acoustic guitar.
Claire’s original music has been played on several radio stations and she has featured at a host of intimate festivals as well as playing regularly in venues around the country.
“A talented lady”
“Heartfelt lyrics and soothing melodies”
“Just brilliant!”