Blue Vulture are without doubt the best band that ever walked the face of the earth. Some will give this accolade to the Beatles or the Stones or Queen or far more bizarrely someone like ABBA. But no, it’s definitely us.
We are mainly borne out of the dried up cynical world of Generation x which used to be cool, but has recently become passe, so in an attempt to become more cuddly and savvy we have co opted a millennial. It hasn’t really worked.

As we have all spent most of our lives not really being threatened by anything, and not really needing to pick a political side our songs are all about inconsequential stuff like love or masturbation or one night stands or suicide. (actually that last one’s quite serious)
Despite all that, we manage to make songs that make you tap your feet and put a slight smile on your face, as long as you don’t listen too hard to the words.