aLogoMeningitisEy Up Mi Duck isn’t just about having fun – it’s about raising money and awareness for an awesome charity.

This year we have chosen Meningitis Now as our charity.  Meningitis is a disease that can affect anyone. It is the inflammation of the membranes that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord and can be caused by different organisms, including bacteria and viruses.

Meningitis Now supports resarch that has helped develop and introduce four life-saving vaccines against forms of meningitis and meningococcal disease – but that is the tip of the iceberg, the disease still strikes thousands of lives every year.

They also provide crucial support throughout the UK to victims of meningitis and their families – we have been particularly inspired by the story of Charlotte Hannibal and her bravery in overcoming  this awful disease – and dedicating her time to further raising awareness and funds.

We are immensely looking forward to welcoming Charlotte to Ey Up Mi Duck in 2017.